Sensitive Skin Routine

Sensitive skin may be red, itchy and irritated with dry patches when it has been upset, and needs careful treatment so as not to upset it further. However when undisturbed it poses little problem!  We suggest gentle products containing Plantain, Chamomile, Marigold or Selfheal to best care for your sensitive skin, as found in the products below:
🌸Our Botanical Cleansing Lotion is marvellously creamy as a result of the rich Lunaria oil we’ve included in the recipe which, combined with a gentle sugar based cleanser and our own soothing Chamomile and Wild Carrot floral waters will dissolve impurities while retaining the skin’s natural oil balance, thus maintaining strength and hydration whilst leaving the skin clean and comfortable.
🌸    Our Calming Blend Tea contains nothing more than meadow grown Lemonbalm, Chamomile and Rose, and can be either made into a tea and drunk, or the tea can be cooled and applied directly to the skin as a toner during a flare up/reaction to an environmental stressor.
🌸Our award winning Wild Rose Moisturiser is a beautiful and truly natural moisturiser, containing our small batch distilled Rose water to hydrate the skin, hyaluronic acid to plump, Marshmallow infused Lunaria oil to deeply nourish and soften, and vitamin E to work as a powerful antioxidant to prevent environmental damage (not to mention the hand-picked chickweed, plantain and self-heal to nourish and soothe!)
🌸    Our Meadow Lip Balm can not only be used to keep the lips soft and supple, but can also be applied to stressed, aggravated or damaged skin to give it an extra layer of protection against the world!  
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