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Seilich products are natural in the truest sense of the word; their ingredients having grown-up freely in a pure and wild place.  They are based on powerful Scottish botanicals, handpicked from our wildflower meadow in the Lothians of Scotland. As well as being the source of ingredients, the meadows provide sanctuary for a variety of pollinating insects such as bees, butterflies and beetles. 

  • Best Wildcrafted Beauty Brand

    We have been awarded Best Wildcrafted Beauty Brand of 2022 by the Beauty Shortlist.

  • Certified Wildlife Friendly

    We are the first company to have gained Wildlife Friendly® certification in the UK

  • Nature Of Scotland Awards 2021 and 2023

    We are the only beauty company to have been shortlisted for a Nature of Scotland Award from the RSPB 

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  • Dr. Sally Gouldstone

    Seilich was founded by botanist Dr Sally Gouldstone, and was born from a love of nature and a passion to create products that weren’t just natural, but those that were actually good for nature.

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  • Sustainability

    We take sustainability very seriosuly, by that we mean our business aims to cause little or no damage to the environment, enabling us to continue to make our products well into the future.

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  • Ingredients

    Our ingredients are grown by us using organic methods in our meadow. We only work with plants that grow here naturally and have proven theraputic properties.

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Do you use preservatives in your products?

Yes, we do use preservatives, and we are proud of it!

Our meadow grown botanical extracts are bursting with natural plant compounds which are not only great skin food, but great microbe food too! If we didn’t use preservatives, our products would therefore have a very short shelf life. By adding natural preservatives to our products we are able to work in a more sustainable way, ensuring the products are still fresh when they reach your shelf and ultimately less gets thrown away.

The preservatives we use are 100% natural and wherever possible are multifunctional, providing moisturising properties for example as well as killing microbes. For more information, see out ingredients page.

Do you use Essential Oils in your products?

We don’t use pure essential oils in our products, unless our meadow grown plants offer them up to us.  Although essential oils are amazingly powerful botanical compounds, they’re actually one of the least sustainable plant products used in the skincare industry (to find out more you can read our blog all about essential oil sustainability here).   In some instances it can take many kilograms of plant matter to produce a single drop of essential oil... to ensure that these amazing botancial compounds still make their way into our products we work with essential oils more sustainable counterpart; hydrosols!  The trick is that when making our hydrosols, if our plants offer up a small amount of essential oil we don’t separate them from the hydrosol, so our hydrosols are absolutely full to the brim of powerful plant compounds.

What do your products smell of?

As we don’t add pure essential oils or fragrances to our products, they smell of... well, the ingredients that they’re made of! In most instances the botanically scented floral waters are the strongest aromas that come across, however we use a lot of raw oils, which though they’re packed full of skin goodies, means they haven’t been deodorised and smell more strongly of the plants they are made from than their processed/refined cousins. As a result, our products smell aromatic, natural and earthy rather than sweet and floral.

How are you different to other natural skincare companies?

We believe in creating beautiful natural skincare products that are truly sustainable and good for nature. And we don’t mean we just buy organic ingredients, avoid palm oil or give money to environmental charities. By growing our own ingredients we can ensure that nature sits at the heart of absolutely everything we do, for more information see these pages about our meadow and sustainability policies.

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