Congested Skin Routine

Congested skin may contain blackheads, enlarged pores and pimples/blemishes, and is crying out for some botanical TLC.  We suggest products containing Cornflower, Marigold, Selfheal, Chamomile or Yarrow to best care for congested skin, as found in the products below:

🌿Our invigorating Botanical Gel Cleanser is made from meadow grown peppermint and chamomile combined with a gentle sugar-based cleansing system to leave the skin fresh, clean and clear.
🌿Our unique Nettle Exfoliating Toner will exfoliate, brighten and rejuvenate the skin, being made from plant based AHA's combined with meadow grown extracts of Nettle (a Seilich favourite!), Yarrow and Peppermint.
🌿Our multi-award winning Meadow Face Mask treatment is made from nothing more than meadow-grown botanicals (Rose, Chamomile, Plantain, Red Clover, Blackcurrant, Cornflower and Calendula) along with powdered oats and British clay.
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How to use the Glow Skin Kit
  1. Use the Botanical Gel Cleanser morning and evening, applying a small amount to damp skin so that it forms a lather, before rinsing clean.   
  2. After cleansing, apply the Nettle Toner to a re-usable face-pad and sweep over the skin, enjoying the slight tingle from the nettle!  
  3. Once (or twice) a week, mix a small amount of Face Mask powder with a medium of your choice depending on your skin (see below!) and apply the paste to your skin. 
  4. Sit back and relax as the meadow works its magic.
  5. Once the mask has started to dry out (with dry/pale patches at the edge) use a damp face cloth to remove.
  6. Apply the Nettle Toner to a make-up pad or face cloth and sweep over the face before applying your usual moisturiser and/or face oil. 
  7. Breathe deeply, inhaling the scents of the meadow as you go. 
What should I mix the face mask powder with? 
As the needs of our skin change with the seasons and our hormones, make sure you adapt your treatment to your skins needs:
 🌿for dehydrated/congested skin, the Meadow Face Mask can be mixed with water/hydrosol to make a thin paste and applied to the skin. 
🌿for  normal/congested skin it can be mixed with our Nettle Toner for an exfoliating boost
🌿for dry/congested skin it can be mixed with part water and part oil (ideally Seilich's Meadow Face Oil but even a drop or two of olive oil will do the trick!) for a moisturising treatment