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Where nature's gifts are carefully nurtured, respected, and shared

Founded by botanist and passionate nature conservationist, Dr Sally Gouldstone, our award winning products are made from ingredients hand-picked from our wildflower meadow here in the Lothians of Scotland.

Skincare products are often sold as ‘natural’, however all too often this ‘nature’ it taken from the earth, cropped and bottled, leaving nothing for the wildlife that was so dependent on it. At Seilich we do things differently, with most of our wildflower meadow being left undisturbed for nature to enjoy. In addition, as our meadows yield the precious extracts that define our range, we embrace a pact with nature, vowing to 'give more than we take.' Therefore, each year, we create new wildflower meadows, providing sanctuary to local wildlife, as well as using our profits to manage our existing meadows to maximise biodiversity. As a result of this comitment to nature conservation, Seilich products have been certified Wildlife Friendly by the Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network.

"Give a gift, in reciprocity for what you have taken. Sustain the ones who sustain you and the earth will last forever." Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer

Our products embody this essence of reciprocity; with every use, you're not just nurturing your skin; you're nurturing the planet. Seilich's skincare products are therefore not just a beauty regimen; they are a testament to an enduring dedication to nature, ensuring a harmonious coexistence that enriches both skin and soul.

Frequently asked questions:

How does the company ensure the sustainability and biodiversity of the meadow ecosystem while harvesting botanicals?

Seilich ensures sustainability of the meadow ecosystem through various practices such as harvesting no more than 25% of any single species, using an annual hay cut to manage weeds, and avoiding the use of pesticides or chemicals that could harm native plants and wildlife. We also actively monitor the health of the meadow by carrying out annual surveys of its flora and fauna, as well as carrying out soil surveys.

Are there any specific environmental or climate considerations that affect the growth and maintenance of the meadow, and how does the company address these challenges?

Environmental and climate considerations play a significant role in the growth and maintenance of the meadow. Factors such as rainfall patterns, temperature fluctuations, and soil quality can impact the health and abundance of the botanicals we rely on. To address these challenges, we work mainly with native plant species that are better adapted to such climate fluctuations, as well as employing a minimum harvest method whereby we only harvest a maximum 25% of any single species.

Can customers visit the meadow to learn more about the plants and the company's conservation efforts firsthand?

Yes! We welcome our customers to come and visit us. Throughout the year we run 'Make Your Own Skincare' workshops on the farm, and throughout the summer we hold open days when we teach people about the meadow habitat! To find out more, sign up to our newsletter or take a look at the Events pages.

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