We offer a number of services based on our extensive experience in the nature conservation sector and our passion to share our knowledge with others.

Habitat Creation

We offer a habitat creation service, from wildlife friendly garden design to wildflower meadow creation. Ensuring that your patch of green supports as much biodiversity as possible is one of the most important contributions individuals and organisations can make to biodiversity.

We have worked with schools, community gardens and private individuals to envision, advise and create wildlife friendly spaces, taking projects from brown earth to areas brimming with life. We are passionate about creating such spaces and are able to tailor a plan (be it advice only or a full habitat creation project), to suit most budgets. To discuss ideas just get in touch!


We offer a range of workshops that can be tailored to individual requirements. We’ve run workshops for hen parties, mother and daughters, friends, nature conservation organisations, gardening groups, community groups, and schools. Our workshops can be run from the Seilich meadow and workshop, or we are able to bring our equipment to you (we’ve even dug up a piece of meadow to transport on one occasion!). The workshops are built around the following modules which can be combined according to individual interest: wildflower walks, how to create a wildflower meadow, distillation/making essential oils, making botanical extracts and making natural skincare. Workshops generally last between 30 mins and 4 hours depending on the elements selected. Check out our events section to find out about upcoming workshops or get in touch to organise a workshop of your own.

Public speaking

We enjoy sharing our passion for wildflower meadows, nature conservation and sustainably produced natural ingredients with wider audiences! We’ve given talks in a variety of situations from aromatherapy conferences to gardening shows and music festivals! Please get in touch if you’re looking to fill a speaking slot and we can discuss content ideas.