“….. causing little or no damage to the environment and therefore able to continue for a long time” Cambridge Dictionary, 2022

Cambridge Dictionary, 2022

Our mission

At Seilich, we are dedicated to nature conservation and biodiversity enhancement. Founded by Dr. Sally Gouldstone, our mission is to harness the power of nature through organic, wildlife-friendly skincare products. We believe in the symbiotic relationship between healthy skin and a thriving environment. By carefully cultivating and harvesting flowers from our meadow, we provide naturally derived skincare that not only nourishes the skin but also supports local biodiversity. Our commitment to sustainability and love for nature drives every aspect of our business, showcasing the beauty and benefits of natural ingredients for both skin health and environmental well-being.

Our vision

Our vision is to transform the skincare industry by raising awareness and showcasing that effective, nurturing skincare can be sourced sustainably from our local environment. We're committed to turning nutrient-poor lands into vibrant wildflower meadows that supply the core ingredients for our products. By promoting locally sourced, wildcrafted, natural skincare, we're challenging the idea that quality beauty must come from faraway places.

Find out about sustainability of our:


At Seilich, our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our ingredient sourcing practices. We prioritize natural, organic, vegan, and locally sourced ingredients from within the UK. We aim to minimize our carbon footprint by avoiding ingredients flown in from distant locations. Approximately 80% of our ingredients are grown on-site, where we sow and harvest our flowers sustainably, ensuring we maintain local biodiversity by leaving enough flowers in place.

Hydrosols instead of essential oils
To harness the therapeutic benefits of essential oils without the environmental impact, we advocate for using hydrosols over essential oils. While essential oils are potent and require only small amounts, the current trend in skincare often leads to excessive use. By opting for hydrosols—aromatic waters packed with botanical goodness and naturally diluted—we can enjoy delightful scents without the ecological concerns associated with essential oil production.

Ingredients not found in our products
Our products are entirely natural, containing no synthetic preservatives or ingredients flown in from distant locations. We've replaced commonly used ingredients like cocoa butter, aloe vera gel, or jojoba oil with UK-grown alternatives to reduce our environmental footprint. Additionally, our products are free from petrochemicals, artificial colors, and fragrances, aligning with our commitment to sustainability and natural skincare.

If you'd like to learn more about the specific ingredients we use, please visit our Discover tab and click on the Ingredients section!

In addition, we aim to be as transparent as possible about our claims to sustainability and calculate sustainability metrics for each of our products. Below you will find the definitions we use when referring to product sustainability.

Natural – ingredients which are natural or naturally derived (being either physically or chemically extracted from a natural source).

Vegan – ingredients which do not come from animal or animal derived sources (including all vertebrates and all multi-cellular invertebrates).

Cruelty free – ingredients which are not tested on animals.

GMO free – ingredients which are not genetically modified.

Palm oil free – ingredients which are free from palm oil and its derivatives.

Organic – ingredients which are certified organic or are grown according to organic farming practices.

UK sourced – ingredients whose entire lifecycle is based in the UK (we do not class ingredients as UK sourced if they are simply processed or packaged in the UK).

Wildlife friendly – ingredients that have a positive impact on wildlife through their production e.g. Wildlife Friendly certified ingredients and Bee Friendly ingredients.

Low Carbon – ingredients that are made by companies which; use low carbon technologies (e.g. cold process), are UK based and therefore have low transport emissions, use alternative energy sources e.g. wind power, to make their products.


At Seilich, we are committed to sustainable packaging
practices that prioritize eco-friendly materials and circular economy
principles. Our packaging is designed with three main goals in mind: reduce,
reuse, and recycle

Glass bottles

Our bottles are made
of violet glass, which protects our natural products from harmful UV rays maintaining
our product quality. As production of glass is energy-intensive process, we highly
encourage you to reuse our bottles through our refill scheme, maximizing their
durability and longevity beyond single-use.

Plastic Pumps and Labels

Our pumps are currently made of plastic due to limited
alternatives; however, we are actively exploring sustainable options such as
seaweed-based materials. In the meantime, we strongly encourage you to use our
refill scheme to extend the lifespan of our pumps and minimize waste.

The labels on our bottles are made of Polypropylene
(recycling no. 5) and are widely recyclable (please check your local council
guidelines). We chose plastic* labels for their durability in moist bathroom
conditions and to support bottle reuse. If a label becomes damaged or
unreadable, please remove it using hot water and soap and recycle it. Contact
us, and we'll provide a new label with your next refill order.

*Paper labels, while recyclable, have poor longevity in
these conditions. To ensure label durability, using laminate (inseparable
plastic foil) would be required, which renders it unrecyclable and contradicts
our sustainability efforts.*

Paper Packaging

All our insert boxes, postage boxes, thank-you cards,
paper tapes, shredded paper filling, and refill cardboard tea canisters are
made from paper, ensuring they can be easily recycled.

Compostable Pouches

Our refills are packaged in compostable pouches certified
for industrial composting. These pouches can be disposed of in your home
compost or garden waste, subject to local guidelines. We strongly advise
customers to double-check local council guidance, as disposal guidelines may
vary across council areas.

To learn more about our compostable pouches and refill
scheme, please click here.

Refilling scheme

To become even more circular, we have launched our Refill Scheme, encouraging customers to purchase our compostable refill pouches and reuse the original glass containers.

This approach reduces waste and minimizes our carbon footprint, as glass production is energy-intensive, and eliminates the need for resending containers (additional miles travelled and packaging).

You can find out more about our decision-making process, the sustainability of our refill scheme, how to refill the containers, and our current refill offerings on our Refill page.

Cruelty, GMO and Palm oil Free

All our products and their ingredients are non-GMO (not genetically modified),do not contain palm oil or its derivatives, and have not been tested on animals.


Almost all of our products are vegan-friendly, with the exception of our Gardener's Hand Lotion and Lip Balm, which contain locally sourced beeswax from our neighbouring beekeeper.


Our ingredients are organically grown, meaning they are cultivated without synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers, that significantly contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

We rely on natural substances and sustainable farming practices to enhance soi fertility, minimize environmental impact and promote plant and animal biodiversity.

Biodiversity Net Gain - Certified Wildlife Friendly®

To ensure that we improve biodiversity on our meadow we harvest no more than 25% of any single species, use an annual hay cut to manage weeds, and avoid pesticides or chemicals that could harm native plants and wildlife. We also monitor meadow health through annual flora and fauna surveys and soil assessments.

This way we improve soil and plant health and support biodiversity of insects and invertebrates such as bees, butterflies, hoverflies, and beetles.

These continuous efforts have earned us certification as Wildlife Friendly®, validating our commitment to improvement of our biodiversity and local ecosystem health.

Made in Britain

We strive to source all our ingredients locally, and when not available, we procure them from other parts of the country, ensuring none are sourced from outside the UK.

Besides, 80% of our ingredients are grown on-site, and all our products are meticulously made and prepared in our workshop at Rosemains steading.

Net Zero journey

While we have not yet calculated full scope of our carbon emissions, we are actively taking steps to minimize our environmental impact:

  • Utilizing low carbon cold process methods for product manufacturing, preserving beneficial compounds in botanical ingredients and reducing our environmental footprint.
  • Partnering with Royal Mail for postage, taking advantage of their ‘feet on the street’ policy, which results in the lowest carbon emissions among major UK delivery companies.
  • Leveraging renewable energy through our own solar panels, which provide sufficient energy for all our activites, particularly during the summer months - such as herb drying, hydrosol distillation, product mixing and many more.

However, we do not stop there. Here are our goals for the coming months and the following year:

  • This summer of 2024, we will use horses to cut the field, eliminating the need for fossil fuel machinery.
  • In 2025, we will calculate our full carbon footprint and work towards obtaining B Corp certification.
  • By 2026, we aim to transition our main distillers from gas to electric.