How to refill

It's simple! When you see that you are running out of your favourite product:


1. Order: Go to our website and select 'refill' on your chosen product page.  

2. Clean: Once empty, wash your existing glass container (jar or a bottle) with hot water and soap and leave to dry.

3. Refill: Once your refill arrives, simply cut the indicated corner of the refilling pouch, turn it upside down and refill the container squeezing out the entire product from the pouch into your existing glass container.

4. Recycle: Recycle the cardboard packaging that came with the refill pouch. 

5. Compost*: Dispose of your compostable pouch (the metallic looking bit) in your home compost or garden waste bin*.  If your local council does not offer composting and you don't have a composter at home, dispose of the pouch in the general waste bin.  The pouch will break down into non-toxic bio waste.

6.  In the unlikely event that you don't want to replace your product, you can simply wash your existing glass bottle/jar and place it into your glass recycling bin, and the closure/pump top into the general waste (we have been reassured that these closures will also soon be available in a recyclable option which we'll switch to as soon as it becomes available).

* We advise to check your local council guidance on disposal of compostable packaging, category EN13432.

To find out more about our packaging and why we believe it is the most sustainable choice for our business, head over to our packaging page to find out more!