Can you make a profit and still conserve nature?

Can you make a profit and still conserve nature?

I came across the quote while watching ‘Extinction: The Facts’ the other night… and never before has a statement so resonated with my reasons for starting my business. I really really want to show that there is a better way. I decided to start my business in 2018 as I really wanted to show that there was a better way of doing business.

Natural ingredients are the future

That natural ingredients could be produced in a way that didn’t leave nature depleted. That products could be made with minimum energy use and a low carbon footprint. That beautiful products could be made from ingredients sourced from the UK. I wanted to show that you could also do these things and still be successful as a business. Although I love that, at the moment, we can say we are ‘The only Wildlife Friendly Certified company in the UK’.

I can’t wait for the day when there are loads of us, when in fact doing business in a way that has a positive impact on the natural world is actually entirely normal. I wanted to put this blog post together to show ways that you can support green businesses like ours, so we can show that you can make a profit and still conserve nature (in a way that isn’t all about spending money, promise!)

Help make a change to the natural world

As much as I love (read: worship/am in love with) David Attenborough (in fact I’ll have to post a blog about the time I met him in the rainforest in Borneo, yes that actually happened), programmes about the state of natural world can leave me feeling devastated, hopeless and frustrated.

A whole bag of negative emotions…. and rather than dealing with them, it's tempting to set them aside and ignore the problem. Because, as much as having watched the program, we all want the destruction to stop, unless you’re in a position of power, a decision maker, a leader, what can one person hope to achieve? I totally get it.

But I just want to bring some reassurance and positivity to the table, because as a person on planet earth with an opinion, I promise you can make a change.

In fact, just by reading this blog you are helping to bring about change. Lending your support to green companies helps them to show the bigger-more-established-but-less-environmentally-aware companies that there is a better way. It adds weight to the ethos of green companies, to their way of working, that makes others take note.

The importance of media interactions for the green economy

Before I started my own company I had no idea how important follower numbers, newsletter signups and social media interaction metrics would be. And it doesn’t stop here, if you want to feel that you’re supporting the green economy (in ways other than giving all your worldly savings to charity), I’ve put together some small ways that you can do this. So, without further ado, here are some steps you can take to support businesses that are trying to do the right thing:


And this is where you come in! Because Seilich can’t be successful without your help. There are a million ways you can help us to be a successful company. Every ‘like’, follow, comment and share of our social media posts, every newsletter sign-up, every product review you send, every blog you read, every time you tell someone about what we’re doing and every purchase you make. It all counts, it all helps us to show that the world is ready for a better way of doing business!
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