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Meadow Face Oil Sample Sachet

Meadow Face Oil Sample Sachet

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A 5ml sample sachet of our Meadow Face Oil for you to try.

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Certified Wildlife Friendly Botanical Skin Care

An award winning luxurious face oil, made from a carefully curated selection of UK grown botanical oils, infused with powerful meadow grown botanicals to deeply nourish the skin.

Rejuvenating : Moisturising : Repairing

* Winner Editors Choice Award (Beauty Shortlist 2022)
* Winner Eco-lifestyle Editors Choice Award (Beauty Shortlist 2022)

Made from a carefully curated selection of UK grown, cold-pressed botanical oils including hazelnut, raspberry, blackcurrant, borage and arvensis, to ensure a balanced profile of omega 3, 6 and 9 that deeply penetrate the skin whilst improving its outer-most barrier. These oils are infused with powerful meadow-grown hand-picked botanicals including daisy’s, plantain, calendula, rose petals and red clover.

This product is Certified Wildlife Friendly as the ingredients have been grown in our wildflower meadows which are created first and foremost for nature conservation.

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Arvensis oil – grown in the UK, the oil of Buglossoides arvensis has a unique lipid profile having being found to have the most potent combined source of essential fatty acid gamma linolenic acid and omega 3 stearidonic acid, which together increase skin hydration, firmness and elasticity whilst helping to reduce skin inflammation and wrinkles.

Raspberry seed oil – at Seilich we first came across raspberry seed oil when we were looking for an alternative to rosehip oil (frustratingly despite all the rose hips that fill our hedgerows here in the UK every autumn, it’s impossible to find a producer of rosehip oil in the UK, and as we refuse to import oils (to keep our carbon footprint down) rosehip oil was suddenly off our list!). Luckily for us, it turns out that raspberry seed oil is produced here in large amounts as a by-product of the jam making industry! Being high in vitamins A and E as well as the essential fatty acid linoleic acid which is anti-inflammatory and helps with skin cell regeneration, it is a perfect replacement for rosehip oil. In addition, the phytosterols present in this promote new collagen production for younger skin.

Hazelnut oil – sourced from a lovely hazelnut farm in Kent, hazelnut oil is sebum balancing but also moisturizing and is quickly absorbed by skin. It promotes elasticity and skin cell regeneration while stimulating circulation for a glowing complexion.

Other ingredients: Arvensis oil, Blackcurrent seed oil, Borage Oil, Hazlenut oil (infused with daisy, plantain, calendula, rose and red clover), Raspberry seed oil, Rose extract, Vitamin E

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  • Wildlife Friendly

    We are very proud to be the first company to have received a Wildlife Friendly certification in the UK across our whole product range.

  • Made Sustainably

    Our products are organic, sourced in the UK, low carbon and we have an average sustainability score of 9 values and above.

  • Recyclable Packaging

    All our packaging is recyclable with the exception of pump tops - keep hold of them and reuse on your next purchase.

  • Circular Growth

    We are passionate about reinvesting as we grow - the more botanical products we can sell, the more meadows we create to produce them.