Making Skincare Workshop

Making Skincare Workshop

Do you want to experience making your very own skincare with us at the Seilich wildflower meadow? 

Come on out to our studio space outside Edinburgh, where all of our Seilich products are hand harvested, processed and formulated into our award-winning skincare! 

We’ll welcome you with a tea circle in our cosy bell tent as we introduce the plants we’ll be working with, their properties and uses in skincare. (This may be held in the studio or warmer kitchen seating area earlier in the year).  

We’ll then head outside where you’ll gather your choice of herbal ingredients (we may also supplement/replace with dried herbs if necessary in this season), before returning to the workshop where we’ll make botanical extracts from your bouquets, from oil infusions to tisanes.

These extractions will then form the basis of the products we’ll make together. You'll have the opportunity to formulate both an oil-based and water-based solution infused with the properties of your chosen plants. Each participant will leave the workshop with at least 2 products of their choosing! (Face oil / Lotion / Serum / Hydrating Mask / Cleanser / Eye Gel)



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